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01/11/2018 di Redazione

“Daily Muslim” is conceived as a free and independent press agency, with no aim of religious propaganda, and its main objective is a deeper knowledge and understanding of Muslim Community living and working in Italy, collecting news and points of interest from diverse cities.

This web magazine shall point out the multifaceted and multicultural complexity, avoiding easy, wrong and superficial equations that compare Islam with a homogeneous block, or consider Islam as synonym of Arab (moreover, Arabs are just the 12% in the Muslim world). This magazine will allow deeply different cultures living side by side and surely able to coexist to get in touch, overcoming distrusts, as it already happens in many cases.

In Italy the Muslim Community is exponentially growing and is gaining a relevant role: in the next future the youth of second generation will face the responsibility of reducing the generational and cultural gap. A larger involvement of the native Italian Muslim community in the activities and management of the Mosques is therefore needed, as well as it seems urgent that the Imams receive certified and qualifying trainings, with the support of Italian and foreign institutions.

They should work in tight collaboration because, nowadays, young generations get religious information on internet; a choice that often appears to be very dangerous. Moreover, it seems necessary to establish norms and regulations with regards to places of worship that very often, due to some technical aspects, are compared to cultural associations, especially in the present historical context since there is a legislative gap in this matter. This is why we think that it is necessary to have rules, but fair ones.

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Daily Muslim è la voce libera dei Musulmani in Italia e nel mondo.

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