Covid-19, Milan before and after

12/03/2020 di Redazione

by Taha Aljalal, videomaker


This video is the best way for me to say that I love Milan. And also to say people: “Don’t panic. It’s a chance, now, to see you families, stay at home, and reconnect with your beloved”.

I did three surgeries and there’s a chance I will do a fourth one but I never gave up and I will never because I believe that we are here for a reason and life is worth living.

Italy has offered me a lot and I’m glad that I didn’t go with my original plan to migrate to US. I’m sorry that in North America the health system doesn’t help poor people and immigrants. When I had my brain tumor I didn’t have any document for health care but Italians help the one in need of treatment despite the ethnicity or nationality. And there I realized that this country is great.

At the beginning we didn’t see any positive social movement in preventing this tragedy in Italy except from Muslims because they helped distributing masks and food to old people. They were the first to comply to Italian laws, and that’s a good sign.

And about the Italian people that went back to their families from the North to the South after the national decree, aren’t bad people. They are just people who want to go to their families. As an immigrant, I understand their feeling but they should have thought about the consequences. If they really love their families they will stay in Milan. Covid-19 it’s not like a plague who kills eveyone is touched by it. Most of the people recover. So if you are in a quarantined zone, act in a responsbile way. Don’t leave, stay home, cook for your wife and watch my channel!

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