Part. 2) Fundamental permanent values

21/08/2019 di Mufti Muhammad Umer

4-Human personality implies responsibility.

It means that every human beings will be held responsible for his own actions,reward as well as retribution,which none else will share. The Quran says:
Whoever commits a crime commits it against his own self.(4:111).
And no other will be held responsible for it.
No bearer of a burden bears another’s burden.(53:38).
This makes it quite clear that the nation of original sin ,” or “intercession “or “penance” has no room whatsoever in Islam that one should be made responsible for one’s own deeds; it is ,therefore, a permanent value according to Quran.


According to the Quran,every human being is born free, and therefore,should ever remain free; and freedom means that none,whosoever he may be, can extort obedience from another human being in the Islamic society,only the Quranic laws shall be obeyed. This is synonymous with the obedience of God,for very plainly asserts the Quran:
It’s is not right of any man that god should give him the book and authority and (even) nubuwwah and he should say to men “obey me instead of Allah “(3:78)
In fact, Quranic society is the agency for the execution of the Quranic laws; and this constitution the main criterion to distinguish between the Muslims and non Muslim creed, Tthe Quran says;
And whoever judges not by what Allah has revealed,those are the unbelievers (5:44)
These provisions apply equally to all,no matter what his position is. Not to speak of others,even the Rasul of God was directed to proclaim:
I follow not, but what is revealed to me. Indeed I fear, if I disobeyed my Rabb,the chastisement of a grievous day(10:15)
It maybe mentioned that what is worship in religion, is obedience to the laws of God in din.

6-Freedom of will-no compulsion .

The responsibility for the act of a human being is determined by his own volition and intent ,so much so ,that if one is forced to believe something or is prevailed upon with force and compulsion against his will to act in a particular manner, he would not be held responsible for such belief or action,for, Iman is the other name for full conviction. The Quran says:
There is no compulsion in din.(2:256)
And in another place, it says: the truth is form your Rabb,so let him who pleases believe ,and let him who pleases reject.(18:29)
Physical compulsion and mental coercion apart anything agreed to or followed traditionally or conventionally and not after due exercise of reason and intellect cannot be termed as Islam. According to Quran, the way of unbelievers:
And when it is said to them (the unbelievers )”follow what Allah has revealed “they say:”Nay’we follow that wherein we found our fathers “what! Even though their fathers had no sense at all ,nor did they follow the right path (2:170)
The believers, on other hand, are those:
Who when (even)the message of their Rabb are presented to them they fall not thereat deaf and blind