The necessary training of Imams in Italy

07/11/2018 di Redazione

For many reasons, in Italy the lack of training for Imams has become a relevant problem. Different communities in our country are aware that these religious leaders are, most of the times, self-educated. In fact, this matter is gaining attention, since the Muslim citizens are increasing and there is a florid second generation youth, and in light of this it is important to stop the phenomenon of religious indoctrination that could influence the youngest generation.

The only solution to face this problem seems then starting focused trainings for young people wanting to take this path and for less young people that would like to keep their role of preachers. In a plural society, first of all it is necessary to have an indigenous cultural identity of the hosting country, due to the large variety of cultures and ways of thinking in the context where one will operate, and not burdened with the cultural background of one’s own country.

This is the reason why we would be in need of collaboration among wise (who really own Ijazah, so really competent people), Institutions and state where learning contents and methods are jointly selected, among them the secular state, civil rights and the principles of the Constitution. Moreover, the problems of Muslim citizens living in European context will be pointed out and hopefully solved.

Another fundamental point is training women, essential due to their role in the social and familiar context but also in order to help other women arriving in Italy to understand their civil and religious rights and help them integrate, always taking into account that women are the first educators.