The first Islamic Academy in Italy set to be launched on 11 of March

18/02/2020 di Lela Esposito

The first Italian sharaitic academy, with departments specialized in Islamic finance, higher religious education recognized by the Islamic world, Islamic Cooperation, University and post-university training level, Halal, consultancy on de-radicalisation, muslim friendly tourism in Italy and much more, will be officially presented on the 11th of march in the Parliament and precisely in the Sala del Refettorio – Palazzo San Macuto in Via del Seminario, no 76 in Rome.

The program and the name of the project are still top secret and will only be revealed during the presentation, which will be divided into three panels. From rumors, it seems that high-level international personalities from the Islamic world are involved, both from the religious and economic-financial point of view, as well as from the academic domain. The project will be coordinated by a scientific board of renowned academics. The training programs will be recognized by the MIUR. In the context of internationalization, the Academy is activating various partnerships with numerous religious, banking, industrial and business realities from Islamic countries.

The Academy will focus above all on the economic-financial development of the territorial and professional production realities from Italy, with a particular attention to  the “Made in Italy” excellence in the Islamic markets.

Interested parties can register and participate in the event, albeit with limited places, by sending personal data and details of the identification document, to the following email address:

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