Milan, Italy: muslim young boy saves his schoolmates

24/03/2019 di Redazione

Ramy Shehata, 13-year-old, born in Italy with Egyptian father, has been hailed a hero for saving his schoolmates and teachers from an attack on the schoolbus in San Donato Milanese, near Milan.

Their bus, with 51 students and 2 teachers on board, was hijacked by its driver, Ousseynou Sy, 47-years-old Senegalese with criminal record, who wanted – as he declared- to avenge all the deaths in the Mediterranean sea.

He set the bus on fire, but Ramy, despite the very dangerous situation, managed to call his father to alert police, who then formed a blockade to stop the bus and were able to get everyone off it safely.

Thanks to youngster’s bravery, what seemed to be a tragic end, turned out to be a happy one. Ramy does not have Italian citizenship, but now calls are being made to give it to him, including from Italy’s Deputy Priminister, Luigi Di Maio, who, through a post on Facebook, publicly thanked the boy for his decisive action.