Jordan: two women victims of government censorship

Jordan’s censorship, as mentioned earlier, affects women much more than men. The latter manage to escape punishment by exploiting some laws, which, alas, are only mono-gender.

This is the case of two activists punished beyond their right to demonstrate. Both still suffer these gender discrimination, in a country where, Queen Rania, seems to give a different image from reality, at least abroad.

This is the case of dr. Heba Milhem, who was humiliated by the Jordanian services first in front of her house, making her uncomfortable with the neighborhood and then while she was freely on the streets of her country, arresting her in public as if she were a terrorist.

She suffered both psychic and bodily violence and torture, having been locked up in mental illness centers, with the sentence of judges subservient to the government, blaming her for madness and an inability to understand her own words. The doctor is now in a state of complete abandonment, as she has been repudiated by the family, under the coercion of the Jordanian services, and without work, because she is prevented from having her civil rights.

The same happened to S A Hamed, a brilliant Jordanian woman who worked for various NGOs and has always supported her freedom of thought and the right of women to have it. The lady also underwent psychic and corporal torture, also involving her children, and now finds herself in the condition of all Jordanian women who want to have their rights in the sunlight, and as seen in the video, everywhere she goes, is mistreated by the police and the corrupt press from the kingdom of Abdallah and Rania.

More than a free country, Jordan, as it wants to appear in the eyes of the world, is one of the nations that still today hide under a false pluralist regime the truth of what is happening in the country and closes the mouth of every person who wants freedom of thought and opinion.

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