Italy: closed for virus!

09/03/2020 di Redazione

Today 9th of March 2020 at 21:36 live on all the media networks, the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced that the red zone will be extended to all the country.

He said that given the increase in infections and deaths caused by CoVid19, given that the Italian Government must comply with the health of citizens, the ban imposed, yesterday, on red areas, Lombardia Region and fourteen provinces will be automatically extended to all the country.

The measure is called “I STAY AT HOME” to recall the hashtag of the viral champaign circulating in these days, #iorestoacasa.

People cannot generally move, except for business purposes or serious and necessary needs.

The gathering of several people is prohibited, especially during the nightlife, and, consequently, clubs, bars, museums and gyms will be closed.

Football championships and all sport events are suspended.

The Prime Minister also added that every Italian must make the sacrifice to save Italy; everyone must give something up of his freedom to win against CoVid19.

“I STAY AT HOME” measure will come into force on March 10 and will end on April 04, 2020.

Giuseppe Conte took the chance to sincerely thank all the doctors and paramedics who sacrifice themselves for all of us and for the good of the whole community.

All regions have already been notified and agree with the provisions made, just like all the parties (both majority and opposition), which agree to the provision that had the consent of the President of the Republic.

The goods will continue to travel normally without any denial.

We are in a critical period and we hope, with the help of God, to be able to get out of this situation as soon as possible.

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