High school students attempt suicide in Palestine

co writer Suhair A. Hamed

The high school exam in Palestine was a real drama for the students, many cases of attempted suicides after school tests.

During the CoViD 19 period, students were unable to communicate with their teachers and did not receive adequate follow-up in education.

Immediately after the tests, many students came out of school desperate and crying, they were taken to Palestinian hospitals, forcing doctors to sedate many boys because they suffered from symptoms of self-harm and suicide.

The students’ parents are worried: “The bad economic situation, the lack of wages, without jobs, the Corona Virus has added, and the school continues this contrary act towards our sons. The ministry of public education does nothing to help them, by the contrary, it works so that not encouraged them to study. It trains useless students without vision for the future “.

The problem is the old system that is used in Palestine, which still dates back to the old method that was learned at the beginning of close collaboration with Jordan; an old system that does not reward meritocracy and does not develop the knowledge of guys to form valid exponents of future society, but only tests their ability to adapt and the ability to follow who their teachers are more than what they teach.

If the mentality of those in charge does not change and they continue to be linked to the past, the Palestinian world will continue its slow descent towards complete disappearance, also because, on the other hand, the vulture is already ready to take even the crumbs small of what will remain.

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