Halal: The new market frontier, in Italy a 5 Billion- dollar Business

01/11/2018 di Redazione

Halal Market produces two thousands billions of dollars worldwide, not only Halal certifications but also MuslimFriendly and MuslimHospitality

In Europe, but especially in Italy, number of Muslims is exponentially increasing and Islam is becoming the second most widespread religion after Catholicism. These are very important numbers which, as per the data quoted by Francesco Borgonovo on “La Verità”, have and will surely have a great impact on our economy, making Halal market an “unavoidable” market for Italian Companies.

The word “Halal”, which means “licit”, includes for Muslims clients a series of concepts that go from the moral conduct to nutrition ingredients. Nowadays it has become a real trend, so that in Italy a lot of agro- alimentary companies are Halal certified, famous brands included, and many companies are gearing up for not being left apart. Agro-alimentary sector is only one among the various sectors of Halal market, such as insurance sector, beauty products, design, finance, marketing, fashion, health care and tourism.

As a matter of fact, as well as Halal certifications for the food industry, MuslimFriendly and MuslimHospitality certifications in the touristic field are increasing. Seen the high influx of tourists coming from the Middle East to our country, many tourist accommodations and restaurants are complying with this kind of tourism which otherwise would be precluded, offering menus for Muslims and adjusting the setting of the rooms. Some cities are also complying with this new set, for example Turin, which hosts since years already the Turin IslamicEconomic Forum, and Venice, where the l’Associazione Veneziana Albergatori in 2015 signed an agreement for the Muslim Hospitality.

Omar Business Development, one of the most important emerging companies specialized in the sector of certifications, marketing campaigns and consultancies for Islamic markets, states that Halal certification will play an increasing role especially for export in Western Countries, since the number of Muslim citizens, immigrants as well as natives are, is growing day by day and requires products for Muslims easily available in the West. Companies often require the certificate in order to export its products abroad but neglecting local and European market.

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