CoVid-19, 6 video instruction in the languages of migrants in Italy

12/03/2020 di Redazione

Six video pills, in six different languages, with the recommendations that the Italian Ministry of Health issued in the last few days. to prevent and combat the infection of coronavirus The videos are realised by the association “Camera a Sud” in Lecce, with the help of the cultural and linguistic mediators of the FARI project, which works in the field of the healthcare. The aim of these videos is to reach some of the main migrant communities living in Italy and to raise awareness in all the small and the simple daily practices that help contain risk. Arabic, Wolof, Bambara, Pashtu, French and English are the languages used in the production of the videos and other materials for the dissemination of good practices, the latter also translated into other languages. A foreign population that has about 5.1 million people, who very often speak the Italian language perfectly, but who in some cases have not acquired the perfect command of the language yet .

Here below, the single pills, also available on the “Camera a sud” social networks and channels.







The FARI Project, financed by the PON Legality Fund, has been managed by the Local Health Authorities of Taranto, Lecce and Brindisi countries in partnership with Camera a Sud aps . It foresees actions targeting refugees and asylum seekers health protection. Furthermore, the project aims to develop consistant and specific programmes of assistance, counselling and long-term training as well as the strengthening of the regional health system competences , in particular among the three counties.

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