Coronavirus, Mosques closed in Italy

23/02/2020 di Laura Imen Villa

It is now panic for Coronavirus; in Italy, the country with the highest level of infection in Europe, there are currently 76 cases of infection, with two deaths. There are various measures that the Italian government is taking, which vary from the closure of the football championships, to the interruption of university activities and flights to and from China. The affected areas are mainly in the North of the country, and it is precisely in that area that prevention measures have become more restrictive. Most of the Islamic Associations of Northern Italy, have decided to suspend all group activities, including the five prayers inside the Mosques and the Jumaa on Friday; the following Associations have decided to stop all activities for the moment: Ucoii, Union of Islamic Communities in Italy, Islamic Association of Milan and the Islamic Community of Piacenza, but other associations in these hours are closing their doors for fear of the coronavirus.

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