Breaking down cultural barriers. Here it is the project “Fatima 2.0”

07/11/2018 di Redazione

The “Fatima 2.0” project is a pilot project, but already requested by many educational centers located especially in the North/Centre of Italy and by local administrations that aim to give a factual answer to the problems recently emerged. The project provides an intervention plan to be applied at national level.  This time this is about an intervention in the social and intercultural pedagogy field, which appears to be an urgent need in order to create a cohesive and inclusive community with special focus on immigrated women and on women coming from the Subcontinent and Africa. Hina Saleem’s death, and more recently that of Sana Cheema, showed in their context, dramatically at the centre of the public opinion’s debate, the problems of integration of different cultures, of the role of Islam and ancestral traditions, Human Rights protection.

Associazione Nazionale Italia Pakistan, which has always played the role of “bridge” among different cultures, has given a prompt response at a very high level to this circumscribed problem that now has become national. It gives an answer to the need of an intercultural way and a community learning participated process in order to reach a real integration of the Asian/African female population in the society. Professors and Researchers that already have scientific/educational project in Asia, with the help of cultural mediators of foreign origin, will carry out the project thanks to the support of the Association and of Associazione Provinciale Pakistani Varesini. Due to the great importance of the project in the intercultural scenario, General Consulate of Pakistan has given its support to the initiative.

Seen the historical and cultural moment, the project Fatima 2.0 is deemed necessary in order to address this problem – says the Associazione Nazionale Italia Pakistan- which will be faced by a highly qualified staff of professors and researchers having a field experience in the relevant countries. Interculture is a lifelong learning process, which generates intercultural skills in a plural society. Learning how to understand the others is an enabling process at the basis of an inclusive identity in the context/environment in which we live.

Pasha Naeem, President of Associazione Provinciale Pakistani Varesini says: “We always pay deep attention to the problems faced by who leave his country going to another one, completely different; with this project we want to prove that we are always standing for a full integration and that we are always ready to fight against cases like these, which have nothing to do with our community”.

Dr. Elena Nicolai, holding two PhDs and a Master on Immigration, has designed and will supervise the project implementation. Her contribution is fundamental, since she has lived in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan for years, working in International cooperation projects and of Intercultural Pedagogy: “For a women empowerment action and, consequently, for creating also a “female identity” of the immigrant population in Italy, we should preliminarily enhance the culture of reference and that in which one lives, and the practical help in situations of oppositional adaptation. The female population of foreign origin has some peculiar aspects that diverge from the Italian context and therefore deserve a focused intervention”.

Moreover, her last book, written during her years in Pakistan “The tree of Quails”, a narrative transposition of themes linked to interculture and immigration, have been included in the SIAF catalogue among the books that give formative credits.

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